Turning a Limited Space into a Closet


Whether it is in an apartment, a house, or just a room, a closet is a must and a needed space to allocate for our clothing. Getting into the idea of having a closet, space and materials usually come along the way. Aside from that, we usually worry about expenses that would cost us in creating a closet. But the good news is, creating a closet doesn’t have to be expensive. Things can be possible with just a little space and some materials from the garage or anywhere in the house.

Here is how to create a DIY closet with less space and money consumption.


We have to consider the availability and quality of the things we need to use. The most convenient ones are the pipes and some pieces of plywood. These materials do not necessarily have to be new. As long as they are still good, it will do.


After having the materials gathered, the next step is to create vertical supports using the pipes. It will serve as the main backbone of our closet.

You will notice that they are attached to our walls for space-saving purposes. We will do this procedure using any type of adhesive tools or ideally, use a flange to have it secured.

Then next thing to do is to have horizontal pipes that will have our two pipes connected together. This will later serve as base support for the plywood.

In the image below, you can see an already placed wood above the pipes that are secured with some screws.

After placing the plywood above the horizontal pipes, it will look like the image below. This portion here is a good storage for shoes at the bottom or multiple boxes containing jewelries, caps or folded clothes. This multipurpose shelf can also do multiple functions at a time and is easy to manage and organize.


On the image below, we can notice the limited space of the room. It would be a great space-saving idea to have horizontal pipes hanging at the top. Those pipes will serve as the storage for our clothes.

We can manage the space by having the pipes at the top-most part and the other one at the middle waist-level of the wall. This will allow us to have multiple clothes and dresses to hang.

You may now hang the clothes up to those pipes. It would also be a good idea to have like a curtain to make sure that the clothes are clean and secured.

The room with limited space has now been turned into a closet. Look at the amount of space we have managed to save and utilize. The clothes are in good condition since they are hanging and convenient to get. The shoes are also at reach and some multi-purpose boxes can also be added to serve as storage for laundry.

The entire room is just a dream turned into reality with just less cost and less space!

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