Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is more than just an ingredient for your cakes, cookies, or muffins. Sodium Bicarbonate helps regulate pH that produces a neutralizing effect when mixed with either an acid or an alkaline substance, making this miracle compound bring so much versatility and health benefits. Most of all, it is best known for being a magic cleaning agent! 

Cleaning with baking soda is a natural way to clean so many things in your home. As someone who is very fond of using this, I’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Baking Soda Uses for Cleaning your Home that are not that common and you cannot easily find on the internet. And why use a baking soda? (1) It’s effective and (2) It’s cheap!

Here are the Top 10 Baking Soda Uses for Cleaning your Home:

1. The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaner

Believe it or not, you can use baking soda to clean almost everything in your kitchen. What’s even better is it does not only remove tough stains but also helps eliminate odors. 

To clean using baking soda, just mix it with a small amount of water and apply to the desired area with a sponge or cloth then scrub thoroughly.

Some of the things found in your kitchen you can clean with baking soda are:

  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Tarnished Silverware
  • Kitchen Tiles
  • Sponge
  • Grease Stains
  • Oven
  • Microwave

You can also use it as a deodorizer for your trash cans, dishrag, and cutting boards.

2. Unclog Drains

Together with vinegar, you can unclog your drains by using these two magical ingredients. First, pour ½ cup of baking soda down the drain followed by ½ cup of vinegar. To make the process faster, you can also pour 6 cups of hot water down the drain.

3. Remove Dirt or Crayon Marks from a Painted Wall

As I have mentioned in the first tip, baking soda can remove tough stains. That being said, it can easily get rid of those scuff marks!

To remove the mark, make a balanced mix of baking soda and water to make a paste, and then apply it to the desired area using a sponge. Gently rub it in until the mark is gone. 

4. Deodorize Your Carpets

If you smell something bad when you enter your living room, that’s probably because your carpet has absorbed a whole bunch of dirt, dust, and even dead skin cells. Fortunately, baking soda is always there to save you! 

Just sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet and vacuum it after 30 minutes. Your room will now be deodorized.

5. Multipurpose Bathroom Cleaner

Bleach, as expensive as it is, doesn’t always really work. Good thing there’s a natural, cheaper, and more effective way of polishing your bathroom sink, bathtub, or shower. Just pour a dry baking soda onto the desired surface, take a damp rag, and then run it around. Rinse it well after.

6. Clean Floors

Cleaning floors have never been easier! You simply have to create a DIY cleaning solution with a mix of baking soda and essential oil. Spray it around the floor and mop.

7. Deodorize Smelly Shoes

Put a generous amount of baking soda to your shoes and leave it for as long as you can. Don’t forget to shake your shoes out before you use it!

8. Freshen a Smelly Fridge

The last thing I want when I wake up is to walk up to a smelly fridge. One of the most common causes of this is spoiled food. Baking soda interacts with the odor particles to eliminate them rather than just masking their smell. Just put a small amount of baking soda on the back of the fridge and leave it there until the odor is gone.

9. De-stink Couches or Rugs

Similar to deodorizing your carpet, just sprinkle baking soda to your couches, leave it for 15 minutes, and vacuum.

10.  Wipe Down Dirty Patio Furniture

Again, with baking soda and water, you can clean any dirty patio furniture. Just wipe them down using a cloth or a sponge. Before you use them, you can place baking soda underneath the cushions or inside their storage bags to keep them fresh.

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