Space-Saving DIY Shelves Ideas

Saving space for a bunch of stuff is challenging especially when it comes to limited spaces. Spaces might not expand or get wider but our state of creativity should. With just some of the materials that can be found at home and are easy to reach, we can turn our pile of stuff organized in shelves that you can easily make yourself! 

The following are just some of the easiest and most convenient shelves to create with less amount of materials and efforts.

Ladder Shelf

Ladders are usually seasonally used. We must think of a way to have it displayed in a unique way. With some wood planks from the garage inserted into the ladder steps, a new and unique shelf is born.

What is good about this type of shelf is the convenient mobilization of it. It can be easily transferred from one spot to another without much sweat. If you have more things to arrange and organize, you may use two ladders and longer wood planks. You just have to put the wood from one ladder passing to the other one and have yourself ready to decorate it with some of your books, ornaments and personal stuff.

Vintage Chained Shelf


If you are the type of person who likes classic with a touch of vintage, some chains, screws and wood plank can make you a shelf of your preference. You just have to secure fist some anchors mounted on the wall than have the chain screwed on the plank of food and then there you have it. Other than chains, you can use other home stuff like used belts, strings, bag straps and a lot more. This could be in multi-layered design to accommodate more stuff.

Corner Shelf

Corner shelves are becoming a trend. Aside from the fact that it helps in saving space, the uniqueness of placing and design is eye-catching. It all starts with finding some potential corners of your home to be used. Then determine the design that would fit in.

Usually, boxes and alternating patterns are the simple yet the nicest ones to do. It will only take some wood planks, nails, saw and wood polishing tool. The best thing is to have it done with paints and some designs of your choice.

Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are one or if not, the fastest and cheapest DIY ideas on the internet today. Compared to the ones that use strings and straps, floating shelves create this illusion of levitating objects which makes it more unique. However, when it comes to this type of shelves, the support or the base is the most important part. The weight of the things to be placed in should also be considered.

Other Design-Focused Shelves

Designs are what makes two objects of the same materials different from each other. Another type of shelves to be made with just simple materials is the ones with shapes and figures. These designs usually are in honeycomb, circles and infinite triangles. Patterns and geometrical shapes are investments here.

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