Reasons Why You Need To DIY

Do It Yourself or DIY projects has become more popular these days, as a result of the increasing and trending DIY videos posted online. People are starting to create their own projects from scratch and get surprised by the hidden skills that had been sitting around forever. Additionally, even if you are not the crafty type, there will always be a sense of satisfaction that will hit you every time you create something with your own hands. You somehow feel proud even if it did not turn out exactly the way you wanted it to be. 

However, as fun as DIY can be, there are still people who oppose it and think it is just a waste of time and energy. While this is true in some cases, there are still lots of benefits you can get from DIY-ing. Of course, if you are a beginner, you can start with simple and easy projects. Don’t jump into making cabinets and windows if you do not have any experience!

DIY can be considered as a great practice to your brain since it enhances your creativity as you bring out new ideas. You even get inspired to DIY more and it slowly develops into a habit. So if you are looking for a fun habit, now is the time to get crafty!

Here are the top 4 reasons to DIY…

DIY requires less money 

To be honest, as embarrassing it is to admit, what got me into doing DIY projects is the fact that I wanted to save money to actually start paying my debts. It’s been 3 years and well, I have no regrets. I was able to pay off my debt, make tons of amazing projects, and most importantly, I learned how to do things on my own. It saved me a lot of money when I stopped hiring professionals to fix something at home, stopped buying every little thing, and started creating them. 

DIY is good for your well-being

Here are a few reasons why DIY is good for your well-being

  • It calms the brain
  • It can make you happier
  • Can be a way to lose weight

DIY-ing helps relieve stress and fatigue especially for those who have a lot going on in their minds. I often do DIY projects to release my stress as it shifts my focus to this. It’s really effective for me because when I try something new, I always do my best. I get very competitive even if there’s literally no one to compete with. But unlike being competitive at work, it doesn’t stress me out one bit.

DIY is good for the brain as it allows us to create new ideas and helps us keep touch with our creativity. It makes our brain sharp. Also, did you know that you can actually lose weight by just DIY-ing?

Doing DIY projects require a lot of effort that can be somewhat close to working out. If you are doing big projects like building a mini furniture out of scraps, it will definitely make you sweat a lot. DIY will make you busy that you wouldn’t even think about eating!

Promotes recycling

Recycled things are the best materials you can use for DIYs. We all have many unused things we don’t want to throw away. For that reason, these things just end up piling up somewhere on the basement, attic, or garage.

Since we use things we already have at home in making various projects, we don’t need to buy a lot of stuff anymore. By doing DIYs, we do not only help the environment but it also helps us save!

You can make money out of it

Aside from saving money from doing DIYs, you can also use it to earn! Even if your products are handmade, your prices can still be competitive. You can start selling your lovely creations to your friends or online at Later on, you can create social media profiles to promote your business and then your website.

With the increasing interest for personalized items, DIY products are now starting to rise in the market. A recent study by Deloitte reveals that “1 in 4 consumers are willing to pay more to receive a personalized product or service” and “in some categories, more than 50 percent of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products or services.”

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