Lovely Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Every Season

A front porch is like the face of the house–it is the very first thing that your friends or visitors see when they arrive at your home. Sometimes, it serves as your first impression for passers-by or distant neighbors. Make your front porch as warm and as welcoming as you!

Most homeowners only focus on redecorating their kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. But how about your front porch? May it be a large or a small-spaced porch, decorating it is much more important than you think. As a first glimpse into your home, it gives everyone an idea of what is inside. It’s like another living room but is open and available for everyone to see. Some people might think it is a waste of money, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. It is actually possible to make a lovely front porch without breaking your budget! 

You may start by looking for materials or items inside your home that you can possibly use in your decorating journey. If you can’t find enough items, you can visit garage sales in your neighborhood, go to dollar stores, or you can even make them yourself. Don’t forget about seasonal touches. For summer and spring, you can add pretty flowers; pumpkins or dry leaves for fall; and an evergreen wreath for winter. Below are more detailed front porch inspiration for each season.



Make your spring a little more cozy by adding large floor pillows that you and your family can enjoy. The materials reflect on the color scheme that will make your home look more welcoming. 

You can also add a few flowering plants and some more lights to strengthen the effect.


Source: Laurey Glenn

Flowers, flowers, flowers! This porch is styled as a mini living room that can accommodate your whole family or a bunch of your closest friends. 

The materials to be used don’t need to be expensive or new. As long as they’re still safe to use, you’re good to go. You can just get an old furniture from your basement, repaint it, add some cushions, and put a carpet below. You can also DIY the tables and the flower pots, and bring some large lamps on the side tables to set the mood. 

Source: Amanda Lindroth

This orange-stripe themed front porch brings a lot of playful summer vibes that may leave the whole neighborhood in awe. It is simple yet beautifully styled–which you can finish decorating in just one weekend!


Source: Country Living

Decorating your front porch for fall is easy–you can just add some pumpkins and dried florals together with a fall wreath and you’re done! Just like I said, easy


Sure, you won’t be staying much on your front porch due to the cold weather. But that doesn’t mean you can not style it. Winter is the season for visitors. You might want to invite your boss or your co-workers for Thanksgiving and your friends or cousins for Christmas–you’re definitely going to need to decorate your front porch! 

Again, decorating your front porch doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a weekend and a little bit of creativity. 

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