Enhancing the Color of your White Sneakers

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So, you have a pair of plain white sneakers that have been sitting on your shoe rack for some time now. You can make good use of them again – but with a different appearance. This time, they will be more attractive as you’ll have added color to them. With your attractive sneakers, you will be the envy of all your friends.

What do You Need?
  • 1 pair of plain white sneakers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Manilla Paper or any other stiff paper
  • Different colored fabric markers.

Now that you have the supplies, let’s get into the fun part of changing your sneakers.

Steps to Coloring the Sneakers
  1. With a ruler, draw a straight line on one edge of the Manila paper.
  2. Measure a half-inch from the drawn line, and draw another line. On both lines, make half an inch interval ticks.
  3. Create a zig-zag pattern in the two lines by connecting the tics from one line to another.
  4. By this time you have triangles on the paper. Using scissors, cut off the lower part of the triangles. Now, you will see a pattern that looks like a low of teeth.
  5. Take your plain white sneakers and remove the laces. Start drawing patterns on them by placing the template at the tip. This way you are working from the front towards the back. You can also place the template wherever you like to begin from.
  6. Move the template back, and continue drawing patterns on the sneaker. The size between the patterns can either be of one thickness or vary in size to create a thin and wide pattern.  Ensure that you draw lightly as you don’t want the pencil marks to be visible after coloring.
  7. Now, with the different markers, color the rows differently. Each row should have its own color. Use the thin edge of the marker to outline the row and fill in with the thick edge. This will prevent an overflow into the next row. Color every other row to allow the die to dry and then fill in the remaining rows.
  8. The inside rim of the sneaker can easily be forgotten. Color it together with any other parts of the sneaker that might have been left out ensuring that you get all the edges. To retain the original color of the sole, cover it with masking tape. After finishing the coloring remove the masking tape.
  9. As you have not yet colored the tongue of the sneaker, go back to it, color it matching with the respective color on the sneaker. The parts that are covered don’t have to be colored but try to reach as much as possible.
  10.  Your sneakers are now ready. Lace them up, get up and about in them.

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