DIY Useful Plastic Bottle Ideas

Too much production of single-use plastic is a problem that our planet is facing as of the moment. These plastic bottles end up being useless right after their functions as containers are served.

The following are some of the creative and innovative ideas that will turn your used plastic bottles into useful household stuff:

Garden Pots

The idea of turning plastic bottles into useful pots for plants at home is great, especially for those who are naturally-inclined individuals. Those who loves seeing green at their homes may also help the environment by simply replacing the traditional pots with the plastic ones.

You may do the cutting of the bottle vertically or horizontally depending on your plant type. You may also arrange them in rows or get some strings and have them hanging on the wall.

Animal Feed Container

Guess what? You can create a cute animal food container for your pets through plastic bottles! You can make some for the food and some for the water.

Kitchen Containers

The kitchen might probably be the most challenging part of your home. With too many things to organize, you sometimes run out of containers and food keepers.

However, you now have an option of getting those huge plastic bottles you just used. You can have them washed properly and turn them into useful containers.

There are a lot of bottle shapes you can use. The ideal one which is the vertical may be a good choice. You can simply cut it into half and pair the bottom part with the other lower part of another bottle to serve as the cap and seal the things you will put inside. Your cut-outs may depend on the things you are planning to put inside.

What is great about this is the universality of function. You may use it to almost everything–from powders to utensils, food stocks, and condiments.


If you are in need of a new organizer, you might consider making your own using recycled plastics. Best part is you can have them designed in your own preference!

It is good to have an environmentally-conscious and creative mind at the same time. You may use plastic bottles of different sizes and have them decorated or painted a little bit to make it look stunning.

This idea may be used for organizing your personal things from make-up containers, face brushes holders, to accessories kits.

Zipper Cases

This might be one of the most creative and affordable DIY for your bottles. By just simply cutting handy plastic bottles and adding a used zipper from old bags, you now have a multi-purpose container where a variety of things can be placed.

You may use it to organize your school supplies, make up kits, candies and even chargers and wires. You can bring these newly designed case anywhere due to the convenience that goes with it.

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