DIY Pumpkin Decorations for this Fall

Designing your home for fall will not be complete without pumpkin decorations. Here are some decorations you can make apart from pumpkin faces for Halloween.

1. Nature Vase Decoration

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The glowing nutmeg pumpkin is hollowed out. Flowers, grasses, and tendrils are held in a glass with floral foam. The star in this arrangement is the lush chrysanthemum flower.


  • Pumpkin (e.g. small nutmeg pumpkin)
  • Glass or vase
  • Floral foam
  • Sharp knife and sharp-edged spoon for hollowing out

How to do it yourself:

  1. Cut an opening around the stem through which the jar will fit, and then scrape out the pumpkin meat.
  2. Cut a piece of floral foam to size, soak it well with water, and place it in the glass.
  3. Remove the lower leaves from the plants, cut the stems at an angle and arrange them in the glass with the floral foam.
  4. Finally, as an eye-catcher, add a flower that is as striking as possible.

2. Light Pumpkin Decoration

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The black-sprayed nutmeg pumpkin makes delicate flowers glow because a string of lights is hidden inside the pumpkin. The carving is easy but needs a steady hand.


  • Large pumpkin (e.g. nutmeg pumpkin)
  • Outdoor light chain with 40 white lights and battery box
  • Roman-like
  • Black spray paint, e.g. B. “Montana Gold S9000 Shock Black”
  • Cordless screwdriver plus matching drill (approx. Ø 3 mm); The diameter of the drill depends on the size of the lamp, they should later be firmly inserted in the drill holes
  • Cutter
  • Sharp Knife
  • Sharp-edged spoon for hollowing out
  • Household paper and newsprint


1. Cut out a lid around the stem of the pumpkin, lift-off. The hole should be big enough to effortlessly hollow out the pumpkin.

2. Remove the seeds with a spoon and carefully scrape out all the pulp. Finally, the thickness of the bowl should correspond approximately to the length of the fairy lights.

3. After hollowing out, pat the inside of the pumpkin dry with kitchen paper; put the lid back on the pumpkin.

4. Thoroughly clean the outside of the pumpkin with a damp kitchen paper and let it dry.

5. Spread newsprint on the floor or table, place the pumpkin on it. Now spray the bowl evenly with the black paint, it is best to go outside or work in a well-ventilated room.

6. Let the paint dry overnight. When it has dried thoroughly, drill around 25 to 30 holes in the bowl with the cordless screwdriver. Choose different distances, i.e. drill some holes closer and others at a greater distance from each other. Work gently so that the black layer of paint does not peel off.

7. Insert the cable of the light chain and the battery box into the pumpkin. Insert the individual lamps into the drilled holes from the inside. Pin the cable behind the lights with the Roman elements so that the lights do not slip.

8. Then put the lid back on the pumpkin. Drill a few holes for flowering. Carve two larger and two smaller leaves from the bowl with the cutter.

9. Scrape some pulp from the carvings. Also, be careful so that the black paint does not peel off at the interfaces.

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