DIY Ideas for Wall Decorations

Moving into a new place is a whole new experience. What is more interesting and exciting with new spaces is the idea that you get to decorate and turn a plain place into a new and unique space of your own taste. Getting an interior designer is a great way to help you convert your thoughts into tangible results. However, for those who want to save money and get things done firsthand, the following are some of the ideas you may consider for wall decorations at home.

Canvas Wall

Wall Mural

One of the ideas at trend is the canvas wall. Take it literal, it is just like turning your wall into a giant canvas and portray your best masterpiece. This can be done with less materials like white paint as the base or foundation coat of the wall and some other colors of your choice. It would be great if you only limit you color choice to 3-5 options to make it classier and more organized. You can also create your own color palette to match your desired outcome.

Gallery Wall

Five Posters Mounted on Wall

A gallery wall is also one of the best wall decorations to consider. It is already obvious that you need some frames of pictures arranged in a manner that you want. The gallery wall is a modern way of designing your wall through the use of the best captured moments of your life. Having different sizes and dimensions with your frames is a great idea. It creates diversity and makes the design more unique. To make this, starts first with the frames.

You may need to buy new frames or best thing is to recycle the old ones. Then you go with the images. There is a variety of images you can add on your wall. From your best moments in life, to pictures of loved ones, and even statement frames, all are perfect fit.

Mirror Wall

If you are conscious of the space in your room, you may try putting up some mirrors on the wall. Mirrors create this optical manifestation that your room extends space. This makes your room look more spacious than not having it. You can easily do it using a few and non-costly materials.

Your choice of size will depend on your desired arrangement. You may choose circular or angular mirrors and visualizing their arrangement. This type of design is ideal for bedrooms or in spaces exposed on gatherings.

Other Wall Decoration

Photo of Decorations on the Wall

If you have unused beads or anything that can be hanged on the wall to form a new design, you may consider it in decorating. This might be one of the simplest ang convenient DIY for room decoration. You just need some strings or yarn, and then some pieces of indigenous decors. After collecting these materials, you can start customizing your wall.

This idea is very versatile when it comes to decorations. This requires less purchase because you can just look around your house and use some materials that you think are fit for your planned design.

There is a wide and diverse option materials you can add on your list. You may use old bulbs, small twigs, circular figurines and a lot more.

Believe it or not, you can add as many decorations as you want without having to spend much. You can even add a shelf!

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