DIY Ideas for Scrap Woods

Have you done a lot of home projects using woods? Were you able to utilize all of the woods or some of them are excess? Is your pile of scrap and excess woods becoming bigger and bigger but you do not want to dispose them? Well, just hold on to those scrap woods because in a minute, you can turn them into new home projects!

Wood scraps can still create masterpieces–from furniture, shelves, and decorations, you can make them all with just your scrap woods! They may just be extra from the main woods but they can still be used for brand new home tools and decorations. You just have to be creative, innovative, and practical at the same time. Transform that pile of woods into brand new home decorations with these easy and maker-friendly DIY ideas.

The following are DIY ideas I compiled for you:


One of the most convenient and easy tasks to do with your extra woods is probably turning them into mini house projects. You may have made a furniture from woods, but you can still use the small pieces to create smaller and cute-sized stuffs. An example for this are stools and tables.  You just have to look for long frames of woods or if not available, any size. The size and design of your table of stools will just depend on the available woods at your home. Get some nails and hammer then in some minutes, you already have stools and tables good for gardening or in any part of your home.


Another idea for your DIY wood scraps is making multi-purpose trays out of it. Trays are so important in kitchens, garden or rooms. They can carry several numbers of house materials like condiments, tools and utensils in the kitchen, medicines, books and a lot more. You just need a wide wood and some identical frames for the sides. This is convenient to do and its function is general and can be use flexibly.


If it happens that you have a garden in your home, then you may try to reuse your woods for it. Your scrap woods can have a place in your garden. Some of the best tips you may follow is the creation of plant boxes. If your woods are not all proportionate, then you can do a lot of alternatives like abstract-shaped plant pots. Run your imagination with your woods to arrive with fancy plant boxes. You may enhance them by adding paints and stone formations.


You do not have to attend fancy and expensive paint auction sales and bid for a painting from well-known painters. You yourself can be an artist and at the same time clean a portion of your pile of scrap woods. This type of art is already becoming a trend because of its convenience and uniqueness.

Just get some scrap of woods in different types and sizes, then you can create anything out of it. You can do this during your spare time and to enhance the appearance, you may want to consider the addition of wood varnish or polish.

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