DIY Ideas For Extra Clothes

For some of us, clothes are everything. However, as time goes by, we outgrow them. It is either our sizes changed, or the trend in fashion evolved.

Change is indeed the only constant thing in this world. We must know how to embrace and blend in with the changes happening around us. Part of the practicality is knowing how to utilize the clothes you no longer use. It saves you a portion of your money and helps the environment through the reduction of potential wastes. The following are some of the ideas you may incorporate with your used but not abused clothes. Prepare a sewing kit, scissors, and some decorative beads to get started.   


Did you know that you can turn scrap fabrics into fashionable pieces and accessories? You may cut longer strips or any shapes that you desire and sew them in a sequence that you want. The design and color choice will all depend on you. Some ideas you may like to entertain are belts or multipurpose-straps. Belts serve a lot of purpose as well as straps for your bags. This DIY idea is easy to do with just scissors and sewing tools, you already have new trends to wear.


The next idea we have on the list is turning your extra fabrics into bags and pouches. This is simple yet so functional. Bags and pouches serve plenty of purposes. You may do this in different color and in different sizes. Simply cut the parts of your extra fabrics that you want to display and get some other designs from other fabrics. Sew your improvised bags nicely to make it secured.  Do first the main part or the body then follow it up with the zipper. You may finish the touch with some patches or beads to enhance the overall appearance.

Pillow Case

We now live in a generation of too much production and consumption. Without proper recovery and utilization of waste materials, our planet and all of us will eventually suffer. Good thing that a lot of people are going out with their ideas of practicality that will surely help us utilize our excess stuff. We cannot talk about extra clothes without tapping the idea of recycled pillow. This has been a practice of some for some years. Its durability and quality are tested and proven. Simply gather up all your extra fabrics. Make sure they are all clean before you put them inside a wider case and sew it all around to be secured. You may do the design and enhancement later on the pillowcase.

If your room is a bit messy and unorganized. At the same time, you happen to have a pile of clothes and fabrics that are no longer in use. Why not consider to separate them and create a wall organizer out of those? A wall organizer is very useful. It can be for your footwear or personal stuff inside your room. Simply cut rectangular pieces and align them in a row then begin sewing them. This is a great space-saver and at the same time very good for organizing your stuff.

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